4 Cyber Monday Shopping Pitfalls to Avoid

4 Cyber Monday Shopping Pitfalls to Avoid

Cyber Monday has become popular among shoppers for its ability to offer different deals over a wide choice of products in comparison to the case of Black Friday. The majority of the Cyber Monday sales are done online where different stores offer distinct discounts of various products. However, not all discounted products are best bang-for-the-buck. Thus, it is advisable to be on the lookout for items that positively impact your savings. Here are some of the typical cyber Monday sales to avoid.

  • Beware of percent discounts

Stores during Cyber Monday focus on doing anything they can to draw your attention to their products. The promotion of a large percentage discount is one of the best ways that these stores grab your attention. However, some retailers are often tricky on this as they tend to inflate the “original price” before marking it down by a significant large percent-discount. In most of the cases, the given discount is even way better compared to reasonable price regarding margin.

  • Understand the products that you are buying

Retailers tend to make Cyber Monday deals that feature high margins from new products, which in most of the cases tend to bear the highest price. The implication of this is that products on low prices are either discontinued versions or outdated ones.  In other cases, the retailers promote bare-bone versions as opposed to the flagship product that has all the features.

  • Do not be deceived by “Fear of Missing Out.”

While the fact that Cyber Monday deals are often in high demand and low stock and may prompt you to make quick actions to avoid missing out, such hurry might put you in trouble. For example, you may find yourself buying things that you never planned for on account of avoiding to be left out. It is advisable to take time to be sure of what you want and whether you need such items.

  • Product bundles

Retailers focus on product bundles as one of the ways to offer Cyber Monday discounts. In most of the cases, retailers calculate their math and are aware of what to make out of a given bundle of products. It is always important to be aware of the cost of each product and work out to establish whether or not there is anything you are saving through product bundles. Do not buy if there are no savings you are making.

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